Transferring practical operational skills that are not found in textbooks but are acquired through years of work and study.

Our teachers are professionals with years of experience in their respective fields and share their work directly in the classroom, providing practical examples and simulations that enhance challenges and opportunities of the industry

Sharing knowledge and practices on derivative instruments and capabilities in financial market and commodities analysis


The New Program and Dates

1ˢᵗ lesson

with Antonio Lengua

Trading techniques

10 & 11 May

  • Volume-based chart analysis on derivative markets
  • Avoiding cognitive biases in the decision-making process

2ⁿᵈ lesson

Commodities market

17 & 18 May

  • Physical commodities market
  • Correlations of aluminum prices and industrial costs

3ʳᵈ lesson

Brokerage and financial markets

24 & 25 May

  • Stock valuations
  • Profile building
  • Technical analysis

4ᵗʰ lesson

with StoneX

Brokerage and financial markets

7 June

  • Focus on LME base metals products
  • Exchange traded future and OTC contracts

3 professional profiles for young people

The program aims to increase awareness among young people, guiding them in choosing the path most suited to their attitudes and personal characteristics.

If you are a student

Why Study at Akademy: The Advantages

  • Business Luscher Test, aimed at identifying personal characteristics and affinity towards the three professional profiles designed by the Course.
  • Access to the Matherika Group’s industrial corporate network, over 100 companies, thus having the opportunity to be selected for an internship program.
  • Acquire knowledge and practical skills from the experience of the guest speakers, thus developing one’s own understanding and awareness of the markets and related derivative financial instruments.


  • Positive Luscher test
  • 100% in-person attendance
  • Outstanding performance in quizzes and trading challenge activities

Pay in 3 instalments

    • First instalment: 450,00CHF – one month before the course
    • Second instalment: 400,00CHF – one week before the course
    • Third instalment: 400,00CHF – upon course completion. It can be financed if the student shows particular interest.

ENROLL NOW – 1.250,00 CHF

If you are a company

Why become an Akademy partner: methods and benefits

  • Access to the best talents from the course, well-trained in financial markets and commodities
  • Share your experience and the company culture with the classroom to attract and select young talents
  • Maximum visibility within the training project and in communications


Finance the training of young talents through scholarships


Enhance the practical and operational skills inherent in the Akademy program


Discover what students tell about their experience at the First Akademy Course

Alessandro Fosselard

The Matherika Akademy is unique in the world of financial education. The course offers a practical approach that combines financial theory with detailed practice in commodities trading. Thanks to this program, I have acquired essential skills to excel in the world of trading.

Luca Rossetti

The Matherika Akademy offers an unparalleled educational experience in the field of finance and commodities. Through a well-structured curriculum and highly qualified teaching staff, I learned the intricacies of trading and brokerage. I highly recommend this course to anyone looking to pursue a career in the financial sector.

Nicolò Colombo

Attending Matherika Akademy was a unique experience. The program not only provides a solid theoretical foundation in finance but also delves into the practice of trading and derivatives sales. Thanks to this training, I feel prepared to tackle complex challenges in the financial world with confidence and competence.

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